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The King of Glory

Holidays and Traditions

The Babel Effect

Our Brother and Companion

The Name Above All Names

The Day of the Lord

Ready for Revelation

The Rapture and The Tribulation

The 1st Eschatological Divide


Series - Apocalyptic Prophecy:
Unveiling the Apocalypse to prepare the Church:

14. The King of Glory

13. The Babel Effect

12. Our Brother and Companion

11. The Name Above All Names

10. The Day of the Lord

9. Ready for Revelation

8. The Rapture and The Tribulation

7. The 1st Eschatological Divide

6. Keys of Interpretation

5. Unlocking Prophetic Truth

4. Bible Prophecy Unsealed

3. Attitudes Towards Apocalyptic Prophecy

2. Properly Approaching Bible Prophecy

1. Perspectives and Bible Prophecy


Series - The New and Living Way:
Entering the Holy of Holies through the ministry of the Messiah:

9. Biblical Disciples of Jesus Christ

8. The Unity of the Faith

7. The Assembly of the Saints

6. Remembering His Faithfulness

5. Sanctification Through Hope

4. The Pattern Shown to Moses

3. Shadows of the Savior

2. Honing in on Hebrews

1. Before It Was "Christianity"


Series - Strong Delusions:
The intellectual consequences of rejecting God's Word:

7. Sound Doctrine

6. A Sound Mind

5. Do Not Be Deceived

4. Lawlessness Will Abound

3. Abortion: Behind the Curtain

2. Abortion on Trial

1. The Hidden Holocaust


Series - A Biblical View of the Sabbath:
Understanding the Sabbath in a purely biblical way:

4. The Sabbath: Learn from the past or repeat it

3. The Fourth Commandment in Context

2. Restoration in Exodus

1. In the Beginning


Series - The Gospel of the Holy Spirit:
An Illuminating Journey through the Book of Acts:

38. Stephen's sermon to the Sanhedrin

37. Standing with Stephen

36. More Distinctions in the Acts Church

35. Hebrews and Hellenists - One in Christ

34. The Gospel Truth

33. When does good news = bad news?

32. Courageous Overcomers

31. Inevitable Persecution

30. Miracles, Mistakes, and Denominations

29. Continuing Multiplication

28. Miraculous Attestation and Multiple Meetings

27. The Deadly Error of Ananias

26: Important Distinctions

25: Being like Barnabas

24: True Christian Honesty

23: True Christian Authority part 4

22: True Christian Authority part 3
21: True Christian Authority part 2

20: True Christian Authority part 1

19: True Christian Equality
18: True Christian Testimony
17: True Christian Charity

16: True Christian Unity

15: Theological Entropy

14: Blessed Like Bezalel

13: Our Source of Strength

12: New Battles Old Weapons

11: The Before and After

10: Spiritual Wisdom from God

9: Disciple Making Miracles

8: The Recipe for a Disciple

7: The Biblical Rosetta Stone

6: The New Covenant Church

5: The Torch of Truth

4: Repentance Leading to Life

3: Remembering the Foundations

2: The Chronological Framework

1: Life in the New Covenant


Series - Digging Down Into the Roots:
Narrowing in on the perspective of Jesus and HIs Apostles:

6. The Apostolic Double Standard

5. Secrets and the Messiah

4. Precision Aiming

3. The Stumbling Stone

2. The Message > the medium

1. Neither Jew Nor Greek


Series - Bible Detectives:
Answering Important Questions and Discovering the Truth in the Word of God

50. Holidays and Traditions

49. Pneumatology 101

48. The Battle Against God

47. Devastation and Causation

46. The Serpent and the Purpose of Life

45. Idolatry and the Two Stage Solution

44. Josiah and the Christmas Tree

43. The Truth About Christmas

42. Bible Reading Basics

41. Submission, Authority, and Scripture

40. What is a cult?

39. A Different Jesus

38. Racism: A doctrine of demons

37. A thief in the night

36. Is the Rapture Imminent?

35. Weapons of the enemy

34. Who is the Holy Spirit?

33. Suffering according to the Bible

32. How can we be truly wise?

31. The Basics of Biblical Parenting

30. Why do the Biblical Feasts still matter? Part 2

29. Why do the Biblical Feasts still matter? Part 1

28. Biblical Symbolism and the Feasts

27. The Gospel and the Feasts of the LORD

26. What does the Bible call Resurrection Day?

25. The Truth about E@ster

24. Is Practicing Homosexuality Compatible with Following Jesus?

23. Understanding Baptism

22. Sunday: Forgery, Spiritual Adultery, or Biblical Worship?

21. Christmas: Forgery, Spiritual Adultery, or Biblical Worship?

20. What is Spiritual Adultery?

19. Can we be "too heavenly minded"?

18. Does God love everyone unconditionally?

17. What does "take up your cross" mean?

16. Questions about the Sabbath

15. What does GOD think of Halloween?

14: What's wrong with the world today?

13: Did the Sabbath really change? Part 3
12: Did the Sabbath really change? Part 2

11: Did the Sabbath really change? Part 1

10: When is the Rapture?

9: Is reincarnation compatible with Christianity?

8: Where did Mother's Day come from?

7: What is the most dangerous false doctrine?

6: What is the soul? part 2

5: What is the soul? part 1

4: What happens when we die?

3: Who Is Jesus?

2: Where did Easter come from?

1: Prayer, Conquest, Angels and Lent?


Series - Biblical Worship:
Learning How to Worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth

Reformation 2.0

The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 (Part 2)

The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 (Part 1)

The Day of Atonement 2015

The Feast of Trumpets 2015

The Worship God Desires

Worship According to the Word

The Birth of Our Salvation

The Spring Feasts of Our Lord

The Spring Feasts Fulfilled

The Feast of Weeks

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

The Feast of Trumpets

The Day of Atonement

The Feast of Tabernacles


Series - Analyzing the Bible through Science:

Proclaiming the Authority of the Bible through the lens of Science

FAQ 3: Was the Genesis flood global? part 4

FAQ 3: Was the Genesis flood global? part 3

FAQ 3: Was the Genesis flood global? part 2

FAQ 3: Was the Genesis flood global? part 1

FAQ 2: Where did Cain find his wife?

FAQ 1: Genocide? part 5 - Giants and Genetics

FAQ 1: Genocide? part 4 - The Conquest of Canaan

FAQ 1: Genocide? part 3 - Pre-Jordan Cleansing

FAQ 1: Genocide? part 2 - Nephilim Corruption

FAQ 1: Genocide? part 1 - The Sons of Seth?

Philosophy 6: Argument from Design

Philosophy 5: Cosmological Argument

Philosophy 4: Entropy Introduction

Philosophy 3: Argument from Organization

Philosophy 2: Logical Fallacies Continued

Philosophy 1: Introduction to Logic

Archaeology 17: The Shroud part 6

Archaeology 16: The Shroud part 5

Archaeology 15: The Shroud part 4

Archaeology 14: The Shroud part 3

Archaeology 13: The Shroud part 2

Archaeology 12: The Shroud part 1

Archaeology 11: Amazing New Testament Details Confirmed

Archaeology 10: Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Archaeology 9: John the Baptist

Archaeology 8: Astounding New Testament Finds

Archaeology 7: The Old Testament is Miraculous

Archaeology 6: Old Testament Facts Confirmed

Archaeology 5: Jeroboam to Jeremiah

Archaeology 4: Samson to Solomon

Archaeology 3: Joshua

Archaeology 2: Moses and the Exodus

Archaeology 1: Abraham to Joseph

Historiography: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


Series - The Heart of God:
A Biblical Understanding of the Sermon on the Mount

36: Wonderful Words of Life

35: How to Respond to God's Love

34: Which Soil Are You?

33: True Faith Bears Good Fruit

32: The Importance of Fruit

31: Understanding the Truth

30: Freedom from Deception

29: Do Not Be Deceived

28: Beware of the Wolves

27: A Tale of Two Gospels

26: The Law and the Prophets

25: Praying Effectively

24: Spiritual Canine and Spiritual Swine

23: To Judge or Not to Judge?

22: Faith vs. Anxiety

21: Truly Wise Investments

20: Rewardable Fasting

19: Rewardable Prayer

18: Rewardable Mercy

17: Big Perspectives and Big Choices

16: Jesus Fills the Law to the Full

15: Rebuilding the Fallen Walls

14: Oaths, Vows, and Who we can really trust

13: Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

12: Jesus fills the 7th Commandment to the Full

11: Jesus fills the 6th Commandment to the Full

10: Lessons from the Pharisees

9: The Moral Law and the New Testament

8: Love and the Law

7: Illumination and Preservation

6: Blessed by Persecution

5: Christ-like Peacemakers

4: Christ-like Purity

3: Christ-like Mercy

2: Being Among the Blessed

1: The Greatest Sermon Ever Given


Series- A Light Shining in a Dark Place:
The Foundational Tools of Interpreting Bible Prophecy Applied

3. Rapture Facts and Fallacies

2. Interpretations of Bible Prophecy

1. Introduction to Bible Prophecy

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Biblical Baptism

The Foundation

God's design for church leadership

The New and Living Way

Halloween: The unfruitful works of darkness